Practice Guidelines

Practicing is of utmost importance for success on a musical instrument. We encourage quality, consistent practice, rather than enforcing practice time requirements for our students. We expect each student to practice 5 days each week, and to work on the practice goals we discussed in their lesson for that week. If a student is not making progress from week to week, we will reassess goals, and will consider, with the agreement of the parent and the student, a reasonable time requirement for the student to meet each practice session.

That said, missed practice time or a bad practice week is not a reason to skip a lesson! If you don’t feel that you have practiced enough in the week before your lesson, simply tell your teacher, and we will make sure to structure your lesson accordingly. Try to keep weeks like this far and few between!

Books and Materials

Each student is responsible for providing their own lesson books. This expense is the only expense not included in lesson fees. On average, students will advance one level per year, and will be required to purchase the books for the upcoming level.

In addition to the required lesson books, students may want to purchase additional books, such as hymn arrangements to play in church, Christmas/holiday books, or supplemental music in a style they enjoy. Please speak to your teacher if you would like some recommendations.

Scheduling Your Lessons

You will have the opportunity to select a lesson time in the fall and again for the summer session. If you need to switch your piano lesson time in the middle of the school year, please speak to your teacher. We will do our best to accommodate, but make no promises.

At the beginning of each session (September, January, and June), you will receive a calendar. Listed on the calendar are lesson weeks, tuition due dates, and special events. We will do our best to remind you as they arrive, but please mark your calendars so you don’t miss anything!

Paying Tuition

If you take lessons year-round, you will receive 43 lesson slots in total. Your tuition rate is based on these 43 lessons, and also includes materials (lessons sheets, folders, stickers, pencils, copies), resources (supplemental music, music library, games), recital production, parties and gatherings, and registration fees. Rather than nickel and dime you in fees, we’ve rolled it all into one easy monthly payment!

Because your tuition covers so much more than just your lesson time, we will not discount tuition for sports seasons, vacations, absences, and the like. Know that even if you can’t make a lesson, your tuition dollars are still working for you! If you decide to discontinue lessons in the middle of session, we ask for 1 month notice so we can fill that slot with a student from the waiting list.

If you have questions about this policy or would like to set up online bill pay, please contact Rachel Potter.


Recitals are not optional! The date of each recital will be published on the calendar at the beginning of each session. During the session, teachers will work with each student to select a piece he or she would like to perform. Pieces will not be assigned without the consent of the student. Memorizing recital pieces is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Make up Lessons

What if you have to miss a lesson? No problem! As a part of your tuition payment, you are entitled to one make up lesson per session, no questions asked. After a missed lesson, the make-up lesson could occur in the same week, or it could be made up on a make-up day set by your teacher. Any lessons missed beyond the allotted make up lesson, regardless of reason or cause, will not be refunded or made up.

Weather Cancellations

Above all, please do not travel if conditions are not safe. Please communicate with me regarding your lesson. If it is determined that the lesson needs to be cancelled, we will schedule an alternate time. This will not be counted as your make up lesson for the semester.