Tuition for September, 2017-May, 2018 is as follows, with rates based on 33 lessons a year. Tuition fees include extra materials, supplemental music, games, piano parties, and recitals.

30 minute lessons: $54 per month (or $216 for the fall, $270 for the spring)

45 minute lessons: $80 per month (or $320 for the fall, $400 for the spring)

You may pay in one lump sum at the beginning of the session, or pay in monthly payments. Payments are due at the first lesson of month.

Are you curious why the studio charges tuition instead of allowing you to pay by the lesson? Much like taking ballet or karate classes, taking swimming lessons, or joining a soccer team, piano lessons require a financial commitment from you that is a flat rate for the amount of scheduled lessons in a session.

Additionally, your tuition dollars don’t just cover the 30 or 45 minutes you are in lessons. Tuition includes materials (lessons sheets, folders, stickers, pencils, printing fees), resources (supplemental music, access to the music library, games), professional membership, recital preparation and production, studio rent, utilities, piano parties and more. If you have questions about why you are charged tuition instead of a per-lesson rate, please contact Rachel Potter.